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Introduction to Surety Bonds - CourseIntroduction to Surety Bonds - Course

$55.00 (USD)

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of Surety Bonds to include history, definitions, and the differences between insurance and surety.  Upon completion of the course, you will be able to enroll in the final exam.  Success completion of the final exam (70% or better) will qualify you for up to 5 hours of CE.   Review the Course Approvals section below for the number of hours approved in your state.




  • Be sure to ENABLE Flash on your brower before launching the course. 
  • Course enrollment is valid for 30 days.
  • Do not skip slides or quiz questions.  This program has been accredited on the basis of complete seat time and skipping through will cause the program convert to a manual progression mode (manually selecting the next slides to progress forward).  In manual progression mode, the course will not allow access to the "Check your knowledge" quiz questions.  You will need to select the slides around these quiz questions to move forward.  (This does not impact your ability to earn CE).  
  • The system will save your progress if you leave the course before completion however, BE SURE to allow the program to save your data before closing your browser.  Closing prematurely could cause your progress and/or transcript not to save properly to your record. 
  • Contact the Support Desk at "" if you complete the course and it does not allow you to immediately enroll in the Exam.


System Requirements:

The program performs best with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 or newer version.  Add "" (without the quotes) to your allowed sites for Flash, Java, and PopUp settings.  You can also allow by selecting the lock icon next to the URL and allowing Flash.   This should solve the issues for not being able to launch.


 To ensure your system has the basic elements to operate the online program, click on this link to perform a system test:       


Course Approvals: 

See attached document titled "Surety Bonds Approvals Table" for a list of approved states and hours.  Per the state regulations, CE credit for this program can only be obtained one time.


NY LICENSEES = New York requires that a state approved monitor proctor the post coruse exam. DO NOT BEGIN THE EXAM WITHOUT THE PRESENCE OF AN APPROVED MONITOR IF YOU BEGIN YOUR EXAM WITHOUT A MONITOR, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RETAKE AND YOUR CE WILL BE FORFEITTED.  Approved monitor list can be found on the department website at:   (note that fees may apply)    


VA LICENSEES = Download and read the attached VA Introductory Statement located in the Course Materials section.  


SC LICENSEES = Download and read the CE Reminder Notice located in the Course Materials Section.  



Please note there is a $5.00 fee added to the $50.00 course cost to cover the processing fees for applying your credits with the state licensing board(s).  Click on the course for more information on course approvals and exam requirements.  If you are using a coupon code, click the Update button to process your coupon payment.  You will not need to move to the next screen for credit card payment.




Valid for: 30 Day(s)


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Online Lesson1. Surety Course -


  • Provide an overview of Surety bonds 
  • Identify different types of license and permit bonds
  • Identify types of court bonds and their benefits
  • Describe fiduciary/probate bond types
  • Describe public official bond types, application and termination process
  • Explain Fidelity bonds and be able to differentiate between schedule and blanket bond types
  • Name Federal Bond types and who might require them
  • Identify miscellaneous bond types  
  • Describe contract bond responsibilities, obligations and underwriting requirements 
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